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I'm asking people to record themselves telling me about something which makes their life worth living. It's for a piece I'm writing (or assembling, depending on how you look at it).

It can be anything, from the taste of the first cup of tea in the morning, to reading a particular book or listening to a certain piece of music, from going out for a walk to talking to your mum, from doing a crossword puzzle to doing drugs. As long as it's something which lifts you personally. Tell me about it in as much detail as you can - it can be a story about a particular occasion, a meditation on why your particular choice lifts you, or just a description. Or anything else that occurs to you!


All stories / anecdotes / thoughts etc will be used anonymously in the final piece of writing, and I will anonymise anyone else you mention (but note, sending me a recording will be construed as consent for your words to be used). If you want to get an idea what the final piece of writing might be like, look around the rest of the site. Or jump straight in:




If you don't want to use the recorder above (and please note, it doesn't work on all phones), you can also use your phone, a dictaphone or a laptop or whatever - it can be any length, up to a maximum of ten minutes or so. File format doesn’t matter - attach it to an email and send it to Alternatively, use the following link to upload it direct to my dropbox (it explains how to do it on the page): . If neither of those ideas appeal, email me and I can arrange to ring you and interview/record your thoughts.

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