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I'm asking people to record themselves sharing a secret with me, with the plan of making a piece of text from the responses I get.


I’m not really looking for confessions, so much as intimacies (although in the end it’s up to you how to interpret it). It might be something you remember from your childhood, a story about your grandma, the reason why you like a particular colour, something about your favourite food, a memory of one of your children - or that time you did something awful at work and never told anyone. As long as it’s something which is personal enough that it speaks about you - and only you - in a very specific way and preferably isn’t widely known. (I only really call it a “secret” because “intimacies” sounds, well, too intimate!). They don't have to be dramatic, either - I'm interested in the quotidian as much as anything else. In a spirit of reciprocation, here's an example from me:



All stories / anecdotes / thoughts etc will be used anonymously in the final piece of writing, and I will anonymise anyone else you mention, so knock yourself out (but note, sending me a recording will be construed as consent for your words to be used). If you want to get an idea what the final piece of writing might be like, look around the rest of the site. Or jump straight in:





If you don't want to use the anonymous recorder above, you can also use your phone, a dictaphone or a laptop or whatever - it can be any length, up to a maximum of ten minutes or so. File format doesn’t matter - attach it to an email and send it to Alternatively, use the following link to upload it direct to my dropbox (it explains how to do it on the page): . If neither of those ideas appeal, email me and I can arrange to ring you and interview/record the secret!

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